Who we are and why we here

We're Lenka and Micha, aka Delemi. We're best friends based in Bristol who share a passion for creating delicious plant-based sweet treats using the highest quality natural ingredients.

We started experimenting with our food for health reasons, and we simply wanted to enjoy treats without compromising our sweet tooth or feeling guilty. We knew sugar-laden snack bars, cakes and sweets weren’t doing us any good, so we started researching and creating our own snacks that would keep us going without adding any refined sugar, preservatives or additives.

After a couple of years of experimenting with various natural wholesome ingredients such as nuts, seeds, coconut, dried fruits, raw cacao and various nutritious powders we have developed 5 unique energy ball combinations that we fell in love with, and so has everyone else who has tried so far. Now we're on a mission to get everyone in Bristol and beyond to enjoy our delicious products.

Happy healthy snacking!

With Delemi love,

Micha & Lenka